$45.99 $49.99
Zidoo V8 Bluetooth 4.1 backlit remote is the perfect pair with all zidoo media player.

Whether viewing photos, listening to music, or watching movies and TV shows Zidoo v8 bluetooth blacklit remote is the perfect pair with your Zidoo media player.

Zidoo V8 blacklit remote has been designed specifically for zidoo Media player for Android, with multi-media playback controls optimized exclusively to work on our media players.

The elegant remote has been beautifully engineered to deliver a seamless user experience when partnered with one of our Media player for Android.

Zidoo V8 bluetooth blacklit remote only compatibles with our range of zidoo Media players the ideal accessory for navigating through all your media with ease from the comfort of your sofa.

ZIDOO V8 - Bluetooth Blacklit Remote And Infrared Version for Zidoo Z9S Z10 X20 and X20 pro
$45.99 $49.99